.........a hint of sensuality mixed with a dash of individuality

Day Dreams....

It can start with a kiss on each cheek, your lips and neck. Let me trail my fingers down your chest lightly scratching as I make my way down. Imagine me whispering can I help you feel good, I know its been a long day. Feel my breathe on your neck. My hands on your thighs mm mm i see I got his attention. Lay back let me work. Feel my tongue on your head and let me taste ur juices. They start to seep out as my mouth form an O and I gently guide it halfway down. My mouth becomes horny and my salvation increases and I suck hungrily.  I push you down into my throat as my tongue flicks around I got your dick nice and wet and replace my mouth with a firm grip that works up and down as I lick your sack and say *u like that* as they disappear into my mouth  I'm dripping wet and to think I'm not even done yet *my mind thinks its a shame more women don't like to suck dick* I lick ur shaft back up to you head that's my fav part. I  swirl  around  the top of your head.  You start to moan that makes me want him more and I increase the pace.  The air is filled with the joyous melody of suction  your hands stroke my face and u reach downward for my ass and smack it. Mmmm.  Juices drip down the sides of my mouth and I pull you out and trace my lips with your dick.  Damn u taste as good as you feel. He disappears past my lips and back down my throat I can tell your close. I continue to work my tongue is convulsing inside my mouth my cheeks are sunken in as I pull ur seed from deep within. I feel your body shake but it doesn't break my rhythm let me suck the brown off. Warm juices fill my throat and I take it all in.    I smile knowing I claimed my prize. And then I awoke and realized I was still stuck here @ court

Lunch Break

It was a sunny afternoon, and I decided on bringing you lunch; only it wasn’t the lunch I’m sure you were expecting. You greeted me outside in the parking lot at your job with a warm hug and kiss. I wrapped my arms around you and said…follow me. I led you back into the building and slipped into the men’s room. You looked at me with shock and pleasure and couldn’t believe what you thought was about to happen was happening. I parted your lips with my tongue as i wrapped my arms around your neck and pushed you up against the wall of the stall in the men’s room at your job...my kiss is slow warm and wet. I moved one arm down and unzipped your pants i stop kissing you so i can kneel in front of you and taste my dick....hmmm i lick from your shaft down to the head and back i reach into my bag n pull out some whip cream and caramel n pour them on him as he grows harder in my hands I swallow your dick and suck everything off in one suction, as I wrap my fingers around your shaft and work them up and down while my mouth vacuums the head sucking and licking keeping him nice and wet. My pussy is dripping down my thighs as I suck your cock, the sounds of my slurping on your dick echoes through the stalls. U taste so good as your cum oozes out  the tip of your head n i continue sucking n licking until i swallow u down to your balls then come up and lick the shaft...i play with your balls n lick on each one then shove them both in my mouth my hands are working the length of your thick long dick don’t hold back  the moans baby i want to hear them.....you grab the back of my head n push my mouth deep unto your cock and you feel my throat tighten around him baby cum for me...i want to drink u....my pussy is leaking so much right now...i place a finger on my clit and rub it gently while my head bobs up n down on your dick...slurping n sucking, sucking n slurping, I am choking on your dick as you hold my head there until you erupt and feed this hungry mouth....you try to hold down the moans as we hear the bathroom door open but I don’t stop it only makes me want you more, I slide up from my knees and lick my lips off from the sweet nectar of your dick, you waste no time as you see me sliding my skirt up, I’m not wearing any panties and I turn around in anticipation of your thick, hard, swollen dick entering my warm wet cozy pussy. U slowly put the head inch by pleasurable inch, my body shivering and shacking as you press up against me in the stall, I’m biting my lips and your hands are touching everything from my breasts to my pussy as your tongue is nibbling on my neck and ear lobes…each stroke send child down and up my spine….i feel myself about to climax when suddenly in the distance I hear the sounds of an alarm getting louder and louder….*GASP* i sit up In bed….ooo shit….that was a dream?? I reach down and touch my pussy and she is dripping wet…..As I shut the alarm off I think to myself….hmmm….lets make this dream a reality. I reach for the phone and call you…”Baby, what you doing for lunch”...”nothing”….”great”, ..”let’s meet”….”ok, around 1”….”I’ll pick you up”…..

He Said, I Responded by Lovingly Loving Me

 he said...

i wanna pick u up and eat u while i'm standing

then take u and lower onto my dick and hop around the room with u holding me close while u bounce on my cock

I responded....

sent chills thru my body, got me wet... made me fantasize about a night i wont regret... sit on ur face? while u walk me around? then slide me on ur dick... ill be screaming "OH GOD!" bouncing on ur cock? have u seen him lately? a fine caramel chocolate, damn must be tasty... u sent chills thu my body, and got me wet


A Lust Note...from him to me.....

This morning, i awoke to this messege in my email....i loved it so much i had to post it.....

~~~~~~My hands r rubbin ur soft skin down towards ur legs...kissing ur pretty toes as iRub ur thighs..workin my way upward ur dripping pussy looks so inviting as my tongue approaches ur walls..ur sweet sugar giving my tastebuds a wonderful experience as ur clit meets my lips and iBegin suckin it like there's no 2morow ur gorgeous toes curling as ur thighs enclose me...I'm waiting for ur cum 2 explode n my mouth as iSlide my fingers n ur tight asshole stretching it and fuckin it nice and hard..Ur nipples r getting stiff as iMove upward even more and slide my throbbing cum-covered dick from u deepthroating it...our juices meeting each other as we share a kiss both our lips r covered n each others nut..pumping my dick deep n ur pussy tyll u get up and tell me u wanna take control and ride my dick (ur turn)

Chance Encounter.....

This morning I found the jogging trail and was excited, it had been three weeks too long since my last run. I started off by the tennis courts and was listening to some Usher “lil’freak” when I decided to switch up to some Vybez Kartel and really get into my run. I only took my eyes off the trail for five seconds to glance down at my iTouch when BAM. I slammed right into this man. He was sexy, 6'2, dark skin with a bald head and hazel eyes. I wet my low rise cotton bikini cut panties the second I caught myself from the fall.

“I'm so sorry”, I said as I tried to stand.  

He helped me up and said “No, I'm sorry….I didn't see u either, are you ok?”

I just nodded because I couldn’t say anything I could only smile and stare. My pussy got so warm and my breath got short.

“Would you like to finish our run together he quizzed?” Sure I said.

We ran about two more laps before we got back to the lobby area when he reached out for my hand to shake it. I don't know where the urge came from but I squeezed back on the hand he was holding and pulled him close to me.

“Let's go take a shower” I whispered into the nape of his neck.

He maintained the grip on my hand and led me up to his room. Two minutes later he slammed me gently onto the wall next to the bathroom and spread my legs with his big hand. He pulled my sweats n panties off in one swoop as I removed his shirt from over his head.  His hands traveled up my sides to my breasts and he caressed them through my sports bra and my nipples stood to attention. I pushed him off me and walked towards the shower removing my top. He followed suit and kissed me under the cool shower water, he grabbed his coco butter body wash and washed my body and as I returned the favor he said, “Let's start on the balcony.”  

We grabbed two towels from the bathroom and walked through his suite to the private balcony that had a breathtaking view of the mountain side of San Jose. Once outside he brushed his hands upwards on my thighs until he made his way to my kitty he looked me in the eyes and said, “It’s time to make her purr.”

Using his index and middle finger he parted her lips and she immediately responded favorably to his touch. His fingers swam through her wetness until one by one he pushed them through her tight opening. He kissed me hungrily on my lips and toured my body with his kisses. I jumped slightly when his tongue met my clit. He grabbed me firmly on my ass cheeks and chuckled a little, guiding my leg unto his shoulder he licked deep inside of me. His tongue explored the insides of my walls as he probed deeper and deeper. It felt as though he was making circles and swirls inside of me.

My juices were flowing at a heavy pace and in-between all of my moans was the sound of slurping. Then I felt something from deep inside of me erupt and my body started to quiver uncontrollably. Several orgasms followed but that didn’t stop his tongue from working its way into its new home. At this point I wanted to taste him, but he had other plans for me and turned me around to face the view. He started to rub and smack me on the ass and then this time he started to feast on me from behind. If it wasn’t for the grip he had on my waist I would have fallen over the balcony.

The pleasure was becoming surreal and the moans leaving my lips got louder and louder. I felt him in all his length brush my ass cheek…he whispered in my ear and asked if I was ready to feel him. I reached back and said not before I taste him and spun around to meet him. His dick was long; rock hard, heavy n simply stunning. The kind you want to take a picture of and show all your girls. I spread my fingers through my already sensitive pussy and spread the juices onto his dick.

Starting at his balls I held his dick up and swallowed them while my hands worked the length of his shaft and keeping it wet with my juices. I let my tongue run up the center vein til it reached the edge of his head. I licked him up and down while my hands twisted and turned at the same time. His moans got louder and then suddenly I swallowed his head and half of his dick. I could feel him spasm as I worked my mouth lower and lower unto him until he was resting in my throat.

His semen made a warm path down the inside of my throat as he pulled me off of his dick and led me back into the bedroom. The room was covered with mirrors; it was one of the sexiest features of this historic hotel. In front of the mirror by the desk is where he bent me over and entered me from behind. As he delivered each thrust I tightened my muscles around him, my pussy got warmer and warmer as she enjoyed being pounded by this stranger. He pulled me away from the mirror while he was still in me and turned me around on the bed and entered me missionary style while guiding my legs over my head.

His strokes were slow and deliberate and I couldn’t help myself but have another orgasm. His sweat fell unto my body and mixed with mine as we fell into a rhythmic grind of lust and passion. We continued our lustmaking for another hour, switching positions, me on top, us in a 69, sitting on the chair for the desk, on the desk, until finally I ended up pressed against the door in the room with him pounding me from behind. As our bodies gave into their final orgasm, we collapsed on the bed drenched in sweat, the room sweet with the smell of satisfaction.

Slowly, after about 20 minutes, I sat up and started to look for my things. Since his room was a floor under mine I simply put my top and undies back on and grabbed a towel from the bathroom and crept out his room. I made my way slowly down the hall to the elevator and as I got in, it dawned on me that I didn’t even know him name…..just as the doors were closing, familiar fingers parted the door and I heard, is round two in your room?



There we are, intertwined by our bodies as we succumb to the pleasure of our meetings. Your tongue searches for my warmth, you tease me with it, and I moan in anticipation of the pleasure, you begin to kiss the lips beneath my waist as my juices flow, your tongue teases and plays with my clit and hides itself within  my walls. I can't help but tremble as you continue to pleasure me in ways that words have not been invented to describe. Your tongue, like kryptonite weakens me, but I find the strength to get up and push you back gently, it's my turn and I'm thirsty….I reach down to my juices and spread them on to you, as my tongue continues the tour on your member in a familiar fashion. Each lick lengthens you, every suck quenches my thirst, I slide you down my throat and I can feel your legs shake, I don't stop, everything is dripping, your moans give me the energy I need to move on, I get up and slowly with care ease my self onto your hardness. My back is facing you as I grind my hips into you….wanting you, touching you, feeling you, stride by stride, you pull my hair and my body raises towards yours, I take your hand and guide them to my box, as you work your magic between strides of your dick and your fingers, the pleasure becomes unbearable but we aren't done yet, u push me forward and drive deep into me from behind as I grip the sheets. The pitch of my moan is so loud it's caught in my throat and only gasps of air find their way out, I can feel you drawing near and as we race slowly to the end I am overcome with such release You always feel that good.

Round Two

I'm not sure what was wetter, our bodies from standing in the rain or my swollen pussy from the beat-down it just received. yet i was ready for more. i peeled my self off the hood of your car and turned around. My legs shook as I tried to catch my breathe. I looked over at you and you were standing there back against your car door you were also catching yourself and i looked down at your thick member and he was still hard. the water from the rain slid off him and dripped down to the grass. i placed my hands around your thickness and i fell to my knees, you looked up at me and said your ready for more? i said no are you ready for more. with that i placed you into my mouth your still sensitive from our session and licked your head as your juices started flowing so did mine. I slip him down my throat and let the muscles contract around your head. i slide my mouth from around your dick and lick your head hungrily as a  set of lights appear around the bushes but i dont stop the movements of my mouth and throat..the car drives past but can not see us because of where we are...even still i wouldn't mind if they saw but between the rain and the night no one but us knew where we were. i feel your legs getting weaker as you try to pull me off of your dick because your about to explode. i swallow your head and grip you there as my tounge licks around your shaft...warm liquid runs down the corner of my lips as i suck you dry. When i release you from my mouth i stood and looked you in the eye as i licked the corners of my mouth. Satisfied, i say lets go home and see who wins round three......


the wetness between my legs drips with excitement as i think about what your about to do to me. My heart races with anticipation of the expected yet you  haven't even touched me. My body shivers, your hand lightly touches my pussy as your slide my underwear to the side as you begin to polish my clit ever so slowly. 

Dirty...Clean Fun

My wetness mixes with the shower and i distinguish the difference because my pussy and everything dripping from her was warm despite the coolness of the shower. Your tounge parts my lips and I love the feeling, I’m shaking and moaning. Inside me your tounge plays tricks with my walls and ur fingers tease my clit. The urge to have you increases and I pull u up  and turn my ass cheeks to your thick chocolate dick. I feel your head spread my ass checks in search of its warm snug shelter.  Your viens rub against the inside of my swollen and tender kitty and they send shockwaves through my body. Your big hands grab my wrist and force them over my head as you drive him deeper and deeper into me.  She stays wet and warm the whole time and each stroke causes cries of sweaty joyous pain. Before I know it im exploding in a series of orgasms from deep inside me you pull out abruptly and begun drinking the juices from my cum I managed to moan out a whisper “ daddy don’t stop” you pulled me out the shower and into the bedroom leaving the shower running and puddles of water behind us. You lay me on my stomach and taste me a few more times before you re entered me….then you rotated your hips in a circular motion as I lay there in unbelievable ecstasy until  you join me in a tantric orgasm that causes you to collapse on top of me……….