.........a hint of sensuality mixed with a dash of individuality

thoughts uninterupted

Sometimes words express not what you want them to say 
and actions that mean stay only push us away. 
My pain is deep and u strum it so well 
as I yearn for this feeling I've only dreamt I've felt.

Other times we find comfort in lies that depict truth we hide from
As it seems easier to pretend its existence doesn't damage our reality
even for just this instance.

Everyday we fight to be individually different from the next 
but we are all one in the same
Only thing different is our dress.

And yet this life is enough 
without the growing pains my life would not have the same meaning
I would never know how appreciate the value of it all.

Through it all. I still won't change a thing 
regrets are pointless because at some point that's what you wanted and where your heart was.


My independence throws my need to be dependent into a realm of controversy

See, I want love but donít need the heartache,

I want hugs but your body is too far away,

I need your kisses but donít want to be your mistress,

I donít want a commitment, but I need an understanding without being demanding

Should we trust this lust and continue to nut bust

or look deeper into something sweeter

Plant hypothetical seeds so that we can lay under the breeze created by the trees

Am I just thinking too much?

I want you in me but not just inside, I also want you to take a trip to my mind

No inception though, there are things that you still donít need to know

A few insecurities that eventually can be let go and although slow it just requires some trust

I am willing if you are not scared to sit down in hypothetical chairs

Speak of a hypothetical life

Realistic dreams and petty conversations about cookies and ice cream

Figure out if we can move past our sex,

become friends not just lovers, but not sister and brother nor man and wife, somewhere in the

middle and something that we will both like,

I simply donít want to fight or wrestle with my mind any longer about the possibilities that could or could not be except these feelings grow stronger

Nights turn into days and time always slips away never to regain

Again, am I just thinking too much?

Iím afraid to hear words that donít quote those which are already in my headÖ

Would it be worse to be dead instead of this dreadful experience?

I am carrying this pain like a trophy

my heart is glass and fragile at best I donít think it can endure another test.

Confusion creates craters of doubt and doubt is a venomous infection that spreads

I give up, I am thinking too much

My Little Secret

I need to share my secret because what he did was crazy,

I was wrapped into his world like a rubber band to a ball, 

Lost with no way out and his wants of me given willingly, 

Selfishly taking and by his conscience never receiving.

The lust we made was beautiful and deep

Melodies escaped my body like the instruments he played so well

Lost is where i fell so deep that behind my back she creeped

The place i worked so hard to be in belonged to another...and still he seemed to be in me, so deep

Heart hurting, me claiming to be strong, friends with their countless opinions and me with one,

Our end marked a new beginning and now my role had been reversedÖ

I was now second instead of first

 I fell all over again into my familiar place but the melody had changed,

Lost calls, lost messages, phones stopped singing

 Enveloped by whose greedÖmine or his

Lost with no map sitting on a globe hopeless

All those tears that never asked to be here

Whose yearning, his or mine,

Explicit messages exchanged in the heat of the night

Sneaking now forbidden fruit from a tree once planted in my delicate yard

Itís the only thing I know so how can it be no good

How can I unchain this melody from my heart and let my secret goÖÖ.

The truth of the matter is I wonít ever let myself know

Boyfriend #2

I like the way it sits.

except it would sit bitter on my lips  

Want my tongue to taste and kiss

that sweet member called your dick

Or maybe u can slide between my thighs &

treat my other lips to the pleasure thatís your dick.


Knowing when to let go is easier done then said.

When words leave our lips, they halt actions that were vital to our existence

Next time trust your instinct and do the right thing don't think.


Climax brings me to a cosmic height

As I float above my flesh in the spirit of this ecstasy

Looking down at my spirit as I transcend  

Into the heavens, leave both to explore new horizons.

While on earth my body shudders up here

Itís an indescribable feeling that can only

be reached at this height only he can bring me here with his touch

Can I take a Seat

Mocha legs straddled by chocolate thighs
Nipples rubbing stomachs touching
Fingertips roaming passion growing
Hips winding slowly grinding
Tongue meets lips
Mmm don't let it slip
Sweet nector drips
Back arches
Inner thighs parting
Bodies joined at the hip
Languages created by the rhythm  in my shaking, 
a church our bed could b mistaken cause gods name I'm forsaking

Missing Eyes

her eyes

they were missing because she removed them

now she walks around everyday looking for them

 not seeing whatís reality because it was too much

as if searching for what should have been seen

that is now avoided is better.

dull is the pain that lingers from the holes in side her pretty head.

resting no more on her face the tears are flowing

all over the place where people wonít be able to see....

flooded is the heart that carries the eyes and allows all those lies to stay.

one day no more lies will fill her heart as it waits for the spark

that was never really lit well

and yet she does it every day. 


Lips circular shape
Tongue  licking underneath
Sounds of wetness
Moans escape
Lips pulling mouth downward
Hungrily tongue  tastes
Desires r what await
Don't tell a soul about our escape
Its secret makes it sweeter
Secretions slurped up so this stays neat
Slippery between thighs
Breasts longing to b squeezed
Licked sucked and teased
Fingers disappear one then two then three
If they meet the lips they can b sucked clean
Both ready for what's next
Insert here
Knees grow weak but no ones at their peak
Cheeks smacked
Bite marks on my back
Pussy quivering this dick is killin it
Speaking in tongues callin for god like he gone come
Climax is soo sweet
In fifteen minutes can we repeat?


Tulips by Kruzan King

Wouldnít it be a trip

If my tongue was pressed against ur lips

While your clothes I gently unclip

Hmmm damn I got the urge to rip

All your clothes off and take a sip

But all I can do is bite my underlip

Wouldnít it be a trip

if our two hips

Connected like our two lips

Hmm just thinking about it makes me want to flip

As my two lips

Works its way down to your two nips

And suck on them until ur body dips

Then itís time for ur slit my tongue to slip

Because I just wanna suck on ur TULIP

Until it drip drip drips

Right on my lip lip lips


Never Again Once More

I let you in even when i know that deep down your no good for me

you only want to rest your tounge between my clit when the mood strikes

you only want to feel your hands run the arch in my back when youve had a long day and she is not around

but when i need you, to feel you, to taste you, to surround you with my tender wet walls

your no where to be found.

the names change, the players change

but this game that i cant stop playing never changes

they all leave in the end only to return when they need another fix

who stays here for me though.......

and again i quote never again once more

until another one just like you but who isnt you approaches

and im guided once again by the phatness between these thick thighs and am left unguided by his eyes 

who do I run too

When i cried my last tears

when i say  my final goodbye

when i have heard my last lie

When i have yelled my last word

who do i run too?

my heart aches

and it breaks

people say one thing, but their actions suggest another

 and again im left with all the sorrow

my back is not that broad 

but i try to stretch it to hold all 

 so who do i run too?

when this pain that i carry is yours not mine. 


She no longer cries when sad

she doesnt shout when mad

she doesnt jump when scared

or even stop to stare.

she doesn't love in return

she doesnt help heal the burn

the pain has left her cold and numb

the shell she is in knows nothing of what or who it used to hold

but like a catipiller this life must end and to us she is born again

a beautiful butterfly will spread its wings and shake off all those ugly things

this life has been given back to her  


I am a fraud they will see one day

That behind the words I say lie a pain that never goes away

I am jealous of you all

My perfect lies hide all my flaws and cover scars I mask with tears

I hate my life and live through fear and hope

That you do better and can never see m faults

I am in denial of the truth and see only what

I hink to be reality

I laugh at jokes and cry when poked

I get mad when I dont have my way

I can admit these things to myself and to you and hope that one day you see too

What I see whenever I look at you in the mirror of life.